Regardless of the work environment, occupational health and safety is a priority. People are the most valuable resource and safety is tantamount on every job through:

    • effective planning
    • incident prevention and
    • loss control

in all aspects of what we do, Stony Valley Contracting strives to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the people we work with.

We perform to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards that exceed the rules and policies in place by regulatory agencies, good industry practices and client requirements in all our contracts.


Stony Valley Contracting's loss prevention program is designed to:

    • identify
    • eliminate, control or mitigate

practices and conditions that can potentially cause injury, financial loss or have an adverse affect on the environment.


No task is so critical or important that the proper time can't be taken to accomplish it safely.

At Stony Valley Contracting, we believe in effective safety and exercise a “hands-on” approach so everyone on our jobs returns home safely - every day.


The health and safety of our employees and the people we work with will not be compromised.

Stony Valley Contracting is committed to being an industry leader in health and safety.



Proud Safety Members of:                                              June 30, 2016

Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)

Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA)


Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction (ARHCA)



North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH)  Catalyst Champion Supporter




Our Associations and Certificates:

Stony Valley Contracting Safety Policy Sample


Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.)

A copy of our Loss Prevention Health and Safety manual is obtained by email request to:

Heather Oulton and a link will be provided.

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